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10 actionable social media tips for e-commerce businesses

Landing up an idea of e-commerce business is easy, there are hundreds web developers waiting for just a confirmation and within a few weeks you will be delivered your own ecommerce site. Honestly speaking, this is the easiest part when it comes to starting an online business. What comes next is marketing, in most of the cases this is where young ecommerces fail. Since the market is already crowded with numerous online shopping portals you need to plan extensively before you finally make a move. In your online marketing activity, social media play a pivotal role. Look at all the ecommerce giants: Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong you will see how successful their campaigns are. Similarly, a proper social media strategy can land you conversion and better sales. Today we will share you 10 actionable social media tips for ecommerce businesses that can help you double up revenue in just two weeks, here you go:

10 actionable social media tips for ecommerce businesses

1. Facebook & Instagram Is The Ultimate Weapon

Running a facebook or instagram page of your company may seem very easy for you but believe me, it’s not so simple like convincing your friends and relatives to hit the click button! Everyday thousands of brand debut in fb or Instagram, you see the glimpses and you do not hesitate to scroll down many of them without even noticing. Sounds cruel, isn’t it? When it comes to facebook creatives, most of the fb or Instagram user will show no mercy to dump them or you can become the talk of the town in a short time by winning their heart. We will tell you the secret:

  1. Don’t ever compromise with the quality of posts you share.
  2.  Be consistent, whatever you share you must maintain the frequency.
  3. Think about your USP, your marketing effort must have some focus and target.
  4. It’s better to seek professional help if you lack time to think about creative ideas.
  5. Tips make a greater fan following and much better sharing rate. If you are selling garments, try to share few styling tips and I’m sure many ladies will be flattered.
  6. Find relevant groups and share your stuffs regularly. Let me tell you an interesting story: While I was marketing for my graphics services I joined many local buy-sell/market groups. I used to wait for weeks to get my posts approve and even if they did it hardly made the response any better. But then I changed my strategy, I joined specific niche groups, suppose if I was marketing our food menu designing services I shared it to restaurant owners groups and that earned many followers to my page.
  7. Share product videos, let your customers have a feel of the product before purchasing. Many ecommerces are introducing AR & VR options and this trend is most likely to become prominent in coming months.

2. Quality Photos Make Better Impression

Everyone likes things that looks good, well by saying “good” I simply meant “Terrific”! Better photographs land better sales and there is no exception. Provide your potential customers compelling images of your product or service, that really doesn’t demand you to become a photoshop expert. Rather, try to present what is true to your claims and authentic, atleast your customers will not write “duplicate product” or “Different from product images” in review. Also not forget to add “Share” button on your site or else that will kill the opportunity of your products getting circulated. You can watermark your images if you think it’s necessary.

3. Become Proactive For Reviews

What makes a brand flourish? For any product, it’s ultimately about the customer’s verdict! When you are ultimately done with your product sales, make good use of your existing leads. Send messages or emails asking the customer to review your product. In your site, in Google and in social media. Reply to all the positive reviews and also to the negative reviews.

4. Plan For Plenty Offers & Discounts

Remember have you ever purchased a dress because you really needed? Off course not, you purchased because you liked it, or there was some offer or discount you availed. This is the case with your customers as well. Plan for something extra for your customers, don’t stop at seasonal discounts. A customer Loyalty Program always strengthens the bond between the buyer and the brand. Offer some discount on second purchase, start a referral program and spread the news on social media.

5. Search For Influencers

No need to pay famous bloggers, micro-influencers can do it for you. Who is a micro-influencer? A friend of yours who is addicted to social media or your existing customer with good fan following, anyone can become an influencer for your brand. Send them samples, ask them to use it and request to post in the social media with a mention to your page. That’s it! A lot of people will ask her advice and your brand will gain some extra mileage too!

6. Create A Calendar
Planning, planning and planning! We have so many occasions round the year so it’s easy to lose a track on what to do and how. Better to create a calendar about the festivals, holidays, discounts and programs and share it with your team. It’s easy to prepare social media creatives for special days if it can be planned beforehand.

7. Share Testimonials and Product Reviews
Share good reviews on social media. If you can convince any of your customer to share a thank–you video, review video or even a product unbox video that will be awesome! Many online clothing stores have sections where customers can post pictures wearing their purchased closed, this looks more alluring to other visitors when they get a glimpse of the real product. You can proudly share these images on your page and I bet your customer will absolutely love to get featured.

8. Flaunt New Launches

Online shoppers are always eager to understand what’s new so if you have something new coming up never wait to share. Upcoming launches, product details and hints, post some teasers to create a hype. Start a countdown, these tricks always do well with your customer’s purchase psychology.

9. Be Consistent In Sharing

Share plenty and share from more accounts. Think about your target market and join relevant groups or communities. Microblogging sites like Quora, Tumblr, Medium etc are excellent platforms to generate buyer’s attraction. Ask any of your friends to share your product review there or you can answer random questions with links to your page or product.

10. Patience!!

Success in social media doesn’t come overnight. You definitely have to wait to see some reflection. One more thing to remember is getting likes are easy but getting conversion is difficult. Even if you are running paid campaigns sales can come after few weeks or even months.

So this was our discussion on social media, you can also read more blogs about social media and ecommerces on our website subscribe our newsletter.

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