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AI Chat-Bots: The Latest Companion Of Your Ecommerce

2017 has been a milestone year for the ecommerce industry as this has truly changed the way technology has influenced branding & marketing. AI chatbots have been a center of attraction for quite sometimes and last year we have seen how ecommerce websites have introduced bots to ease purchase processes. This is really satisfying that millenial buyers have totally loved this experience and in coming years industry is likely to adapt with this trend. So today we will tell you about ai chatbots in ecommerce: The Latest Companion Of Your Online Store

What is a AI Chatbot?

This is a computer program powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) that can answer to queries, respond to customer’s requests and can process required result. Use of chatbots are definitely not new but from 2017 chatbots are setting new trends for the ecommerce industry. Chatbots are known as Virtual Assistant. We are all quite familiar with Siri and Cortana, chatbots are just more handy versions engaged in specific roles. According to Techcrunch, Chatbots are programs that respond to natural language text and, optionally, to voice inputs in a humanlike manner. They can execute tasks, give specific commands (think voice control, or most Slack bots), but their raison d’être is that they listen, talk and seem to converse.

ai chatbots in ecommerce

Recent Developments:

Sephora’s chatbot prompts it’s users to provide a few key details about themselves in the form of a quiz that takes seconds to complete, then users can move on to browse products, get personalized beauty tips, recommendations and more. Sephora also developed a chatbot called the Sephora Virtual Artist,

eBay has a ShopBot, a virtual personal shopping assistant that helps people find items they want. All customers have to do is type in some details about what they’re looking for and eBay will ask them all the relevant questions to find the perfect fit, style, and color for them.

Pizza Hut
Customers can order a pizza simply by chatting with Pizza Hut on Facebook or Twitter messenger. They can save their favorite pizzas to reorder with the touch of a finger. The bot also offers customers answers to frequently asked questions and info about their latest promotions.


BCW explains it as “Rachel, a 25 year old millennial and self-proclaimed, ‘beauty addict’ recently downloaded Sephora’s app, which recently incorporated its own chatbot via the Kik messaging interface. After uploading a selfie, Rachel ‘tries on’ different lipstick colors without ever leaving the comfort of her apartment. After deciding on a colour she likes, the intuitive bot suggests complementary eyeshadow and blush, a potential add-on to Rachel’s overall purchase. After completing the sale, Rachel is given the option to view makeup tutorials, yet another opportunity to make a sale.” – Thus ai chatbots in ecommerce has definately increased the rate of engagement.

  1. The purchase behavior of consumers has changed a lot in past three years, the millenial shoppers find it easier if they get assisted all the way through their buying process, through question-answers chatbots can help a customer take the right purchase decision.
  2. With growing number of traffic ecommerce businesses has been made to focus on better customer experience. Among the many benefits of a ChatBot, personalizing customer experiences would be the best one. During peak periods, chatbots can handle a lot of customer queries thus reducing customer’s hassle incredibly. These chatbots come with inbuilt keyword analysis tool that can engage multiple customers at a time.
  3. Another benefit is obviously chatbots are economical. It is cost-effective and easy for ay business when compared to managing a team of customer support executives.
  4. Chatbots are more accurate, thus it is also being used in affiliate marketing. Througmessengersrs bots an reach out to new or potential buyers, pitch promotional messages, offera discount that increases any brand’s online presence.

As we can see, these ai chatbots in ecommerce will definately help you generate more sales. Depending on the demands of business, we can expect more equipped chatbots in future which are capable of more complex operations. We will continue to write more on this topic. For more articles visit our BLOG.

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