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Creative Logo Inspirations With Hottest Colours In Trend

We have already come halfway through 2018. It’s time to go for a quick recap about what has been trending until now. From curvy, retro designs to bold typographies, this year has seen a shift away from minimalistic. Pop colors and awe-inspiring shapes have become an integral part of this exploration so far. Let’s have a look at these amazing Creative Logo Inspirations

Creative Logo Inspirations

creative logo design by Bizzman Kolkata
  1. Splash Of Colors: For any event manager, the biggest challenge is to bring colors to a client’s event. So this vibrant purple and violet make the perfect combination for this brand, the fonts are much on the corporate side but still if effortlessly delivers the essence of the company.
logo design kolkata

2. Bold Typography & Contrasts: Playing with colors are fun, this combination of three oppositely contrasting color is much more than bold and beautiful.  Playful, pop and out of the box –  for every brand that has something to do with colors.

creative logo designs by bizzmanweb

3. Black & Shadow: Not everyone has an eye for black but if you do we have got this for you. Black, a bit of more black and another a little less black this is what you need to make a statement that stays forever. Tones of black and shadows go best when you design for tech.

creative logo designs by Bizzmanweb

4. Artistic Illustrations: Custom illustrations have been in the trend for the last few years. Awe-inspiring cutouts or synced fonts illustrations can really bring a new dimension to any existing design.

creative logo designs

5. Textures and More: Logos are much more useful than any other company branding, create one logo that easily turns into signage.

creative logo inspirations

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