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Email Marketing

The most effective way of lead nurturing is Email Marketing. A proper email marketing can help you build direct contact with your customer and engagein communication throughout the sale funnel and beyond. Regardless of many people think about email, it is still the most reliable (and straightforward) way to generate more business. By tapping into the power of email marketing small businesses can not only get more quality leads but also connect to their prospects at a higher level – eventually converting them into customers. This applies to almost every industry or niche out there. We optimise your email campaigns in such a way that they doesn’t end up in the spam folder, BizzmanWeb helps you in creating highly engaging newsletters, lead management, campaign set up and performance tracking.


We all loved to delete or report those unwanted mails that flood away our mailboxes. But we also keep some of those if we feel worthy. We consider the email’s design as a really important aspect for your email’s success. Better newsletter design makes better open rates, we focus on creating short & crisp content, attractive color combinations and effective call-to-action. We understand your brand needs to be recognizable, so we put effort to visualize your image, another important thing to remember is the usability of your mail is properly reflecting in your design or not. A proper sync in design and content can maximize the chances of clicks.


These days, you’ll experience higher engagement if you cater your messages to specific characteristics you know about your customers. Segmentation, Testing & Re-scheduling to the targeted customers we can execute everything seamlessly for you, our marketers are fully experienced the latest email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp.


people who opted in to receive your email two years, two months, or even two weeks ago, may not be interested in receiving your email anymore. Monitor your engagement metrics on a regular basis and remove unengaged users to help maintain good deliverability. It’s important to choose which metrics you want to measure against before you send and consistently monitor them with each send so you can track your improvements.

Email marketing highlights:

  • Designs Optimised For Better Click Rate.
  • Ready-To-Go Templates
  • Lead Export & Proper Segmentation.
  • Testing & Monitoring.
  • ROI Tracking.
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