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Google Duplex: The Most Humanlike AI Bot Now in Pixels

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow “…. Edward Teller!  The statement is absolutely true and meaningful by today’s standards of modern technology and technological invention. Science had begun its long way journey ages ago and it still revolves around the modern world. May 8,2018..! Yes, thats the date At Shoreline amphitheater in mountain view, California Google celebrated its annual I/O developers meet. Pichai started off with a short throwback speech on how Google has been serving to the need of finding Simpler and newer ways of technological expansion, followed by the phenomenal announcement on Google duplex’s final launch. With this, the rush of conquering the unknown and the impossible partly reaches to the master success. Soo here is google duplex the most advanced ai from google –

We have had within us already Google assistant app already So what is the need for another AI assistant? Well… Google duplex itself is the best answer! It is really mesmerizing to believe and to know that Google duplex will act as a 24/7 live assistant. All we need to do is to install the Google assistant and allow /enable it to receive commands. Rest will stir you to the extreme Once you install and allow it on your device, you just have to command. Suppose, you and merry wants to dine with latine cousine and you want to fix a table beforehand You just need to say it to your duplex and it will make a call to the restaurant Suppose you want to dine at La Cucina. Your assistant will make the call on Behalf of you according to your selectable time and date In addition to what Pichai have said we have several new twists on duplex.  The tool though called artifical intelligence would really not sound artifical. The Google duplex calling will sound natural and not artificially robotic. While calling someone at a desk, may be a restaurant or hospital It can adjust itself with the natural communication skill of the person on the other side of the phone. Though we can not expect it to be flawless. The chance of language barrier troubles in case of a fluent communication is definitely something we need to remember. And as per the latest news Google is going launch it to public. Allyson Wright, a Community Manager at Google My Business, posted ““Our goal in testing this new capability within the Google Assistant is to provide another great resource (especially if you have a limited online presence) to help you reach a broader set of consumers, by making it easier for them to connect to your business.” Since then, it became a favorite topic for techjunkies. On Nov 23, Google confirmed that Duplex is now available to use for people in a handful of U.S. cities like Atlanta, San Francisco & New York. Though we Asians have not been fortunate to try it but we hope Duplex will soon reach our doors!

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