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Google My Business Tips to increase visibility and generate more customer footfall?

Are you looking for some Google My Business Tips to increase visibility in local search results? Statistics reveal someone searching for local businesses is indicative of a buyer’s genuine intent of purchasing. Following the 8 local SEO hacks mentioned below would ensure boosting a business’s visibility in local search results.

It’s quite obvious that one’s business ought to be visible on the internet when prospective customers are searching for local businesses offering products or services locally. However, as unfortunate as it may seem, there isn’t any guarantee or assurance that a local business would, in fact, be listed in Google’s local 3-pack. The solution though is working on local SEO to enhance visibility. The question though remains as to the reason behind the importance of local SEO for businesses and whether sales and footfall would actually increase as a result of local SEO.

Google GMB Hacks

#1 — Use Local Keywords

If one owns a coffee shop in Kolkata, for example, then one would ideally be looking for customers in around Kolkata area. Even if the coffee that the coffee shop may be offering is really good, no one from the outskirts or the suburbs would come to Kolkata for a cup of coffee. To rectify this, one needs to anchor one’s business in one’s target area using “keywords + location” on

one’s a website like “coffee shop Kolkata” in one’s page title and heading as well as in one’s content for obvious reasons. If you are a product seller then including the names of products also give better results. Like if I consider someone who is into iPhone repair can easily get benefitted from this formula “product name + service + location” and quite bang on. Here’s an ideal example of how great this kind of long-tail keywords can become:

#2 — Google My Business

One’s Google My Business (GMB) profile is amongst the vital off-page local SEO aspects. GMB is the source of information for the local 3-pack and can be seen on the right-hand side while searching for the brand. If one does not have a GMB profile then one has to be created one or one has to be claimed.  Creating a Google My Business profile entails.

Google My Business Tips to increase visibility

Optimizing one’s GMB Profile

One ought to double check that one’s details are correct on one’s website and on one’s GMB profile and that includes

#3 — Is NAP Consistent?

There should be consistency in one’s Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) on each and every website listing. Google My Business will cross-reference the details of one’s business that may appear on one’s website, social media profiles and local citations. Erroneous or dated citations can be confusing both for Google and customers alike searching for one’s business details. While on the one hand, with consistent NAP data local visibility increases, on the other one’s reputation is damaged as one might appear to be unprofessional.

#4 — Structured Data

A snippet of code known as structured data markup is embedded in one’s website code. The details of the markup include business name, address, phone number, logo, website address, opening hours and prices. Structured data markup can be created using markup helper of Google. All one has to simply enter is one’s website address and start highlighting the data to be included. After completion, the code needs to be added to the website or have a web agency add the code.

#5 — Local Citations

Any website mentioning one’s business is essentially a local citation including one’s business address, phone number and sometimes one’s website address. Business directories, review websites, other local directories in your area and social media profiles are sources of citations.

Local citations are vital as Google intends to disseminate absolutely foolproof information to searchers. With NAP being consistent throughout one’s local citations Google would consider the information to be infallible and therefore would be displayed to searchers.

local SEO

#6 — Google Reviews

From a consumer perspective the vast majority of consumers have faith and trust on online reviews as well as on personal recommendations, which makes local SEO far more effective.  Appearing in the local 3-pack, directly under one’s business name would be your star rating.

The litmus test that a business is on the right track is if a business is in the local 3-pack. However, if the star rating of one’s competitors is better, then customers would in all likelihood opt for one’s competitors. Evaluation of business reviews are done in three ways including

Number of reviews                                                                                              

Review star rating

Frequency & Date  

Customers leaving a review can be easy. There are essentially two options; one could either tell customers to locate one’s GMB profile in Google or one can create a personalized link that can be sent which is a lot simpler.

Source: MOZ

#7 — Mobile-Friendly Website

If one is planning to dominate local searches it’s vital to have a mobile-friendly website which should have been the standard, but there are businesses with antiquated websites that aren’t mobile-friendly at all. Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly can be frustrating for users and a lost sale as well. Therefore, prior to embarking on optimizing for local search one ought to ensure one’s website is functioning on mobile devices.

#8 — Local Area Blogging

Updating the blog page of a website is a great way of keeping one’s website fresh and updated. Besides, one gets the opportunity to discuss about local events and news. To increase one’s visibility blogging about local events using one’s local area as a keyword is very effective. One would have the opportunity of linking or networking with other local businesses and authorities. Besides, the content would be good for one’s social media as well. If content is created based on the topic of one’s local area would result in anchoring one’s business in one’s area, which would lead to boosting one’s local search results.

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