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Logo Design

logo design agency in kolkata: Logo is the representation of your brand just like your face is the index of your personality, it is one of the premiere factors when it comes to brand identity and a logo tells a thousand words about your brand. So let us tell you why need the best logo for your business? Logos are what makes you look distinct from your competitors, the psychological impact is massive: a perfect logo simply influences your reputation because human mind is naturally attracted to clean and good designs

A perfect logo:

In past few years, the graphic design industry has evolved immensely. There have been many technical changes, new softwares have emerged in the market and the number of design providers has also increased greatly. But the basic story or formula for a successful logo is still the same:

Branding is all about communication, therefore your logo needs to be straight enough to do its bit on marketing funnel.

New trends are needed to be taken cared of, a messy old-fashioned logo can ruin the first impression your customer can have.

Color, Shape & Size: these are 3 basic components of a design and all these should be in a rhythmic sync with each other to sing a powerful experience towards the visitor.

Attractively simple and amazingly straight, that is how your logo demands to be. Any exaggeration can reduce the initial impact.

Types Of Logo:

Wordmark / Lettermark (Text): Most business serving in technology industry has chosen Text-Only logos, these are simple and minimalistic. Example: Google, Yahoo, IBM etc.

Combination Mark / Iconic (Text and Symbol): One of the most popular logo style. It portrays your company name along with a visual icon side-by-side. Example: Pizza Hut, XBOX 360, Adidas etc.

Emblem (Text Inside Symbol): Comparatively more creative when your company name is placed inside a symbol making the two practically inseparable. Example: Starbucks Coffee, Harley Davidson, Domino’s Pizza etc.

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