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Online Store Development: ecommerce website developer in kolkata

Going to launch an online store for your business? This is always a good decision for a brand to have an ecommerce website from where customers can directly come and purchase product, if marketed properly it can double your revenues in a short time. But with more number of brands launching e-commerce stores, there are chances to get lost in the search engine. A thorough research and obviously strategic planning are necessary when you think of having your own e-commerce. Bizzmanweb is a trusted and experienced ecommerce website developer in kolkata, today we will talk about a few components of a e-commerce that can help you to stay ahead of your competitors. Let’s start:

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  1. Use High-Quality Images

Images are primary components that will drive product sales. Your customers will only focus on the product images you are showcasing and that is why you need to ensure they are of your images are high quality with good lighting. Next, give your customers the option to see the product in context or being used so they can relate to the experience of using your product include a gallery of images to show all features of the product. It is better to include a larger version of the photograph either in a lightbox or zoom function.


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  1.  Product Description:

The descriptions accompanying product images must be brief, informative and usable. Your descriptions act like your store’s sales staff so keep the right tone for your target. Include an FAQ’s section too to help alleviate any doubts about your products. Include information about clothing size, texture, dimensions, weight, materials or fabric used for the products, warranties, colours. It will definitely help your customers to feel authentic about your products and brand.

  1. Responsive & Clear Design

Your design can attract visitors but obviously not if they can’t find what they are looking for.

Decide early in the design process on the number of pages you want in your e-commerce, how these pages will link together, and choose the right graphics and icons to support your infrastructure. Get clear about your shop categories and how you’re online store is structured. Poorly structured sites don’t perform well and struggle to convert. most important pages in the main navigation – 1. be clear about what is an attribute and what is a category, 2. do user testing to discover the best labels for your navigation: if it’s too big, simplify it.

Looking for an ecommerce website developer in kolkata? Call 8637360492 Now!

  1. Mobile Optimisation:

Almost 55% users of the internet will check your website through their mobile devices, and this percentage is growing every year. Shoppers prefer the availability and mobility that tablets and smartphones provide. If your ecommerce design isn’t responsive or optimized for mobile, it can turn down thousands of potential sales and customers.

 5. Easy Check Out Process

Your customers are in absolute hurry, they don’t have much time or interest to spend in your site. Just like design, usability is key for the checkout process. Be as flexible as possible with personal information. Require the least amount of information from the user to get to the final checkout page. The page that asks for user payment information is usually the biggest drop-off section, so keep it as easy to use and secure as possible.

Looking for an ecommerce website developer in kolkata? Call 8637360492 Now!

6. Show Discounts & Saving on their Purchases:

Discounts are the easiest way to market products and for this, you have to understand customer psychology. Many times, if a product has been discounted, the product page shows the original price along with the discounted price. This is a smart trick used by marketers to cash in on the loss aversion tendency of people. Show both the percentage saving as well as the actual saving made on the product. Different customers are induced by different messages.

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7. Product Reviews & Testimonials:

The great way to win trust of people is through genuine ratings and reviews. Ask purchasers to share reviews and images. According to YOTPO’s report titled ‘The State of eCommerce: Yotpo Benchmark Report’,  conversion rates of reviews shared by consumers on social are as follows: 5.3 times higher for LinkedIn, 40% higher for Facebook, and 8.4 times higher for Twitter.

8. Delivery & Returns Information:

No one wants hassle in returning products they do not wish to keep. Provide Relevant Information on the Product Page. Nothing is more irritating to a customer than selecting a product, making a purchase and reaching the checkout section only to discover the addition of unexpectedly high delivery charges and hidden taxes. Posting the total cost on the product page eliminates the surprise of a high shipping cost and also lets the customer factor in the total cost before adding the product to the cart.

Looking for an ecommerce website developer in kolkata? Call 8637360492 Now!

9. Live Chat Widget

People love to get assisted while shopping, a Live Chat widget can act like a smart store manage where customers can interact with your customer care directly. This is surely an advantage for lots of potential buyers and you should consider adding it to your online store.


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