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Looking for a packaging design company in kolkata? Let us introduce ourselves as a premier packaging solution provider all over India. From creative product packaging to technical packaging design, our designers have more than a decades experience in the market. Call us at 8637360492 or you can also join our live chat facility for any query! Our experts are always live to assist you regarding your packaging requirements. We are the no. 1 packaging design agency in kolkata. Today we will talk about a few ways how you can create the perfect packaging for your brand. So lets go!

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Less Is More:

Cosmopolitan shoppers get very few time to spend shopping, this is a major factor why your packaging should be crisp and on-point! we have to understand the onslaught of packages screaming

for attention and the visual bombardment by point-of-purchase displays means the average shopper will only give your product two seconds of attention before their gaze is seduced by a neighboring product on the shelf. So what a design has to deliver? In that short amount of time, its critical to deliver your product’s unique benefits and USP statement. The essence of this approach is the Two Second Rule: If a shopper can fully absorb all the important visual images and text content of the front panel within two seconds, they feel a subconscious sense of accomplishment and completion. It’s as if they fully understand the product, what it has to offer, and appreciate its simplicity. That is why simple is more appealing sometimes if you are considering FMCG industry. If they have to commit more time than two seconds, the endeavor is immediately judged to be time-consuming, and your product is cast aside for one that knew what to say and how to say it in a fraction of the time.

Looking for a packaging design company in kolkata? C

all 8637360492 Now!

The Element Of Surprise:

Who loves boring things? Our visual attention is always mean to be drawn towards uncommon and more beautiful. People crave memorable experiences more than they crave things. It’s now a well-known fact that millennials value experience more than they value owning houses, fancy cars or expensive items. This shift in consumer behavior from desiring things to desiring experiences has a direct effect on packaging design. Your design must be infused with something away from the common. 

The shopper’s mind is subconsciously looking for two main things:

  1. What they recognize as familiar.
  2. What stands out as different.

For repeat purchases, shoppers are focusing on what they recognize—that product they already bought, liked, and want to buy again. If you consider brands like: coca-cola or Cadbury their packaging has not changed much since the time these brands became popular. However, there is always that subconscious desire to find what’s new. This is where the packaging designer’s opportunity lies—in being that new thing that stands out from the crowd and captures attention.

Looking for a packaging design company in kolkata? Call 8637360492 Now!

Hint Of Product

The packaging that delivers a sense of authenticity alwys wins. Giving shoppers direct access to the product through cut-out zones and clear windows where they can see and touch your product increases sell-through. It removes the fear of the unknown: What does the product really look like? What does it feel like? Is the color really the color I see on the packaging? All these fears are removed if the customer can fully experience the product at the point-of-purchase. If direct-access to the product just isn’t possible, as in the case of some food and beverages, large beautiful product photography with multiple views that highlight all the products features and tactile qualities helps give shoppers a sense for the products and compels them to buy.

packaging design company in kolkata

Packaging always plays an important role in the success of your new product. So choose carefully while you connect with any agency.

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