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Restaurant Management System with a Difference

Restaurant Management is integrated software that is specially designed and developed for the hospitality and restaurant industry. Our software solutions help restaurant owners and managers to streamline their business operations, offer improved customer experience, assess their costs, and grow their profits, all from an elegantly designed and easy-to-operate application.

All-in-one Software

Our integrated software manages multiple processes of your restaurant and provides a complete business solution.

Fully Configurable

Information flow, features, functionalities, and default settings are fully configurable with a simple yes/no configuration.

Inbuilt Database Manager

Create a new database, restore and take backup without knowing a single SQL server DBMS command.

Fully Scalable

Usable on multiple network computers in a single outlet or across a chain of platforms with efficient data storage and management.

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Key Benefits

Technologically Advanced



Resource Optimized

Menu Management

Real-Time Management


Multiple Payment

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Exquisite Culinary Services

Our Restaurant Management System user interface is designed to be highly functional and easy to navigate. This lets you keep track of your services, inventory, decor, etc. while adding or modifying them easily, which you can use to provide a unique dining experience to your clients. Prominent features of the application include

  • A responsive user interface with no complex commands or actions

  • Easy and fast installation process

  • Bookings and cancellations displayed in real time

  • Addition of food delivery system if required

  • Loyalty features and reward points system to increase engagement

Hassle Free Operations

The BizzmanWeb Restaurant Management System is a cut above the rest, giving you an added advantage with your clientele, while also ensuring a high ROI. Unique features included in our product are

  • Easy implementation of special offers if needed

  • Analytics system indicating popular menu items among various demographics

  • Seamless integration with multiple payment gateways

  • Auto-update in real time as you add to services and inventory

  • Beautifully designed menu management system

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