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A website has taken almost the role of a digital gini for every business who want to exist in this digital age. It is no more a choice to make, rather a must-have. In last 10 years, the Web Design or Development industry has seen a boom like no other vertical. Taking advantage of this tide, thousands of web development agencies have sailed their boat. Now for a customer or a business, it is very confusing to find the perfect web developer or partner for web development. So guys, our this week’s blog is about how to find the best web developers in singapore?

1. Portfolio

Take a look at their previous works. This is the first thing to do while choosing a web developer. Scrutinise their designs, check if every functionality is working properly. Many times we come across developers through references, social media or even google. But what you may not know well is many websites take help of black hat (Unethical SEO practices) to acquire position in search engines. To find out what type of projects they have delivered or which industries they have served ask for their portfolio.

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2. Reviews:

To maintain the authenticity of listings and pages Google and Facebook has introduced review features a long time ago. Allow yourself some time to check out how customers feel about their services. Do not forget to be careful spotting fake 5 star reviews because practically no one has the power to satisfy all everyone for a 5 star. Look out for genuine business ids and also check how that business is responding to complaints or negative reviews.

3. Fluency in design

Well, the design of your site is equally important. No one likes something that looks bad on a computer or mobile screen! It is the design and interface that attracts you buyers and it’s interface that makes your customer convert. Check out if your developer is really expert on designing end. Possibly the most important part of a website is the navigation. The navigation of a website can make or break a site, which is especially true for robust websites with many pages. Your website might be full of useful information, but can users actually find what they’re looking for? Users judge your website within mere seconds of arriving on it. If they find it confusing, chaotic, or cluttered, all they have to do is hit the “back” button and navigate directly to a competitor’s website.

4. Responsive to your opinions

This is an important point to consider because post-delivery you need your developer to listen and respond to your opinions. It is very much possible that few features may seem new to you, or may not work as you have thought, in such situation if your developer does not have a good customer support your investment is not worthy! Find a developer who has a strong customer support and satisfaction program in their methodology.

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5. Expertise in Integration

Integration is done after site is developed, it comes later but has utmost importance for e-commerce and service-based websites. CRM, Social Media, Data and other third-party integrations are important for sales flow: Payment Gateways: transaction processing, Shipping: show visitors shipping costs in real time, Order fulfillment, Product Inventory, Customer Information, and Communication. Your website will become a car without wheels if integrations are not there.

6. Certified Developers

It is great if your developer has certified members in the team. These certifications proofs that the developer has your required skill-set already tested. For Magento, Shopify, WordPress and other platforms there exists different types of professional certifications.

7. Updated With Trends

What is surprising is the way web designers have continued to cope with increasing technical challenges and still manage to create sites that are user-friendly, clear and innovative, consistent with the corporate style, adaptable to every conceivable device and just plain, beautiful all at once. Typography, layout, drop shadow, color schemes these few trends are meant to change every season and your designer must deliver whatever is latest. Not design but technological advances are also what your developer should keep himself updated with.

8. Not Damn Cheap Don’t go for a too good to be true! There are many young freelancers and fraudulent agents in the industry who commit much out of their capacity. You have to be sure these people will be here for another 5 years! Many companies form and collapse since the market is packed to the brim and obviously the competition is cut-throat. So go with someone who has been able to survive, because it’s only skills and client satisfaction that takes a company to longer run. Well, there’s no offense to go with start-ups but remember well you need your developer to not only contribute but guide!


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Looking for best web developers in singapore? Get free Quote!

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