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Social Media Tips For Real-Estate Businesses: things you need to master!

Your real estate company may have debuted long ago in social media but are you sure you have explored all the possibilities? It is needless to say that a good social media presence favors sales, not only that it can even become a very trusted point of contact for your potential customers. When it comes to buying a home or property we literally leave no stone unturned to find the best deal, for a real estate company the challenge is to win buyer’s trust. Today we have decided to write about a few essential social media tips for real estate businesses that you need to know for better engagement rates: 

social media tips for real estate businesses

social media tips for real estate business
  1. Be Consistent:

A loyal fan base does not emerge overnight. It takes a little time to become a voice that the social media users feel engaging and authentic. Many real estate agencies decide to venture in social media but very few take the game seriously. Like marketing yourself on any other platform, social media also requires a consistent effort to express and communicate with buyers. You must create a strategy on where and when your posts are getting published. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn – allure users with high-quality images, graphical representations and video contents to steal their attraction among the over-studded timeline.


1. A content calendar is a must. Plan with your team, decide your focus and get started.

2. Creative copies are important, keep the conversations crisp and on-the-point.

3. Create high-quality representations of your upcoming projects and make sure that does not look fake!

4. Home-buying tips, interior ideas etc. are just great for engagement.

5. Share in relevant groups and share in different communities.

  1. Testimonials are great:

Sharing stories of your existing customers is the best way to win people’s heart. Home is not what we purchase more than once or twice in our lifetime, your company needs to prove the credibility to provide a home someone has always dreamt of having. Share text and video testimonials every week and let everyone how satisfied your customers are. This is the best type of marketing because it doesn’t feel like marketing at all!


1. Collect good reviews from your google my business and make creatives from those.

2. Reward your customers for sharing video testimonials.

3. Reply to good and bad reviews regularly.

4. Your email marketing campaign must also be competent enough to encourage communications.

  1. Build Reputation:

When it comes to a home, we all need a real estate company who not only makes promises but keeps them. Real Estate companies have a bad reputation for delaying projects, you must show that your company is concerned about the deadline. All you need to do is to post images or updates of your ongoing projects, completion of every level or block can be shared on social media with images. Steve Reyson from Social Media Today explains, Social Media Trust =  Authority x Helpfulness x Intimacy / Self-Promotion


1. Every time a block or phase is finished, ask your team to post project images. This not only will impress your existing customer but also potential customers will be delighted.

2. Your certification, awards, and achievements must be shared with your followers, it psychologically leaves a positive impact on the audience.

3. Every once in a while consider running a paid advertisement to gain some extra likes or engagement.

4. Keep tracking your customer responses, make changes to your creative plannings if things are lacking.

  4. Become Responsive:

Activate auto-reply in your official social media pages. Be quick to respond to every customer query, review or complaint. This is the easiest way to beat your competitors away. If you are running paid ad campaigns in social media be especially careful not to delay, call or connect to your leads at once. A good customer support always leaves a good impression.


  1. Use chat/messaging automation in your pages.
  2. Keep a team or agent for spontaneous and active customer support.
  3. No only initially or before conversion, your team has to be ready to maintain a customer throughout the funnel.

5. Focus On USP

Every real estate project has a USP that should be kept in mind while promoting in social media. Create simple and appealing graphics where special amenities will be highlighted. The current trend is for 360-degree images and live videos, do not hesitate to experiment with the contents. Give special focus to high-quality photography. Infographics can be a great source of information for your buyers. Have some patience but once you acquire some followers you will see a higher number of visitors on your website.

So this was our discussion on social media tips for real estate businesses, let us know how much you liked reading our blog and also subscribe to our newsletter for more awesome tips on social media!

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