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Tea Packaging Design India: Check These Perfect Samples For Your Brand!

“Tea is the elixir of life”- Indian tea is among the finest in the world owing to strong geographical indications, As of 2016, India was the second largest producer in the world with production of 1,267 million kgs. With this phenomenal growth of tea industry what becomes really important is creating good tea packaging designs for brands. For last one or two years due to worldwide plastic bans, sustainable packaging materials have become everyone’s favourite. Eco-friendly, recycled and woodpulp materials have been in trend for high-end and luxury export packaging. While traditional touch has been a must for many Indian brands, contemporary and out-of-the-box designs keep making statements in the overseas market. BizzmanWeb is one the largest sustainable packaging designers in India, our designs for many international tea and coffee exporters have attained recognition overseas. If you are looking for Tea Packaging design India check out these delightful inspirations now:

tea packaging design india

Tea and coffee are probably two of the most common drinks in the world if we don’t consider water. Tea originated in Southeast China, where at the beginning it was only used as a medicine, a drink to cure different diseases. After the Tang Dynasty in China the popularity of tea spread like wildfire, and around the 16th century, even Europe started to know about this amazing drink. But it’s not only tea itself that has been so popular for centuries, it’s also its packaging that has contributed, and still does, to make it so special. Here in this design, we have created a feeling of morning buzzes that is fresh and farm for a perfect start of your day. Paper boxes have been used that adds a lot of texture to the design and a greener touch.

Looking for a Tea Packaging design India? Call us at 8637360492

This design was inspired by the natural beauty and ecology of the tea growing regions of India, conveys the craft of production, the tradition of tea preparation, quality and delicate flavour, through a good combination of illustration, typography, print finish and structural choice. The origin of the product has been highlighted in a very delightful way, white background captures attraction and breathability to the whole packaging.

Looking for a Tea Packaging design India? Call us at 8637360492

Laminating multiple layers of barrier film together creates structurally strong and sound packaging solutions for tea. The material’s protective properties keep your product fresher for longer while protecting it from moisture, light, odor, and puncture. The design for this packet is simplistic and influenced by the local taste.

This is an Eco-friendly tea packaging design. The graphics were intended to appear like those seen on a vintage printed packet, while the packaging itself is made from brown recycled paper. There is also minimal ink use, with only one image representing each particular flavour of the tea. Such tea packaging designs are best for those who have an eye for minimalism. Looking for a Tea Packaging design India? Call us at 8637360492

Bizzmanweb is one of the trusted and reputed packaging design companies in eastern India. We offer best-in-class packaging solutions for different industries. Our team is equipped with few most experienced packaging designers of India. Check out our portfolio and some other services, thank you!

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