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Top ecommerce trends to look for in 2019

2018 has been an incredible year for the ecommerce industry as it generates 3.453 billion dollars worldwide. Last year we have seen a focus on rich customer experience and mobile-friendly versions of sites. Now it’s time to predict what this year’s trends look like. Statista predicts that global retail e-commerce revenue will amount to $4.88 trillion by 2021. As 2019 has just begun it is now the high time for marketers and E-commerce enthusiasts to know the top & most effective trends for e-commerce this year. Read on to learn top ecommerce trends to look for in 2019:

top ecommerce trends to look for in 2019

1. Voice Search:
One of the most relevant ecommerce trends for 2019. With voice search system introduced by Google, we are now heading towards a revolutionary transformation in the field of Internet handling. This raises the ease of using gadgets and searching products without even typing it.
Comscore reported that 50% of e-commerce site based searches will be via voice search by 2020. Voice search quickens the process of buying to a certain extent and so voice search likely to have 3 more impact and local focus than normal text type searches. The markets and entrepreneurs can capitalize on this trend. with this we can also think of FEATURED SNIPPETS which is a summary answer for the users’ query, helps optimize search results and no of page visitors.

2. Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality:
The next e-commerce future trends are the rapid increase in the use of AR & VR. We are all acquainted with terms like Augmented reality and Virtual reality popular as AR and VR, if not here’s what an AR or VR is,-

“A technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view”

So the trick is to offer the buyer a store like a background/surrounding which enhances the buyers’ enthusiasm and leaves a positively alluring impact on their mind. Games like Pokemon Go, BirdCatcher and ZombieGo have already come up with a fantastic VR experience in play stores and handy gadgets. But VR is going to stretch the horizons of Internet marketing and e-commerce business to a whole new level. Already many countries have incorporated this idea into their business and have received unmatched success and of course, money.
we can now focus into the statistics :
According to digit capital, the use of AR and VR startups raised a massive $3.6 billion INR last 12 months. The real world is not out for a moment and all you can see is a virtual world. For those who did not take into the Pokemon height of a first year, the experience was first perhaps with Facebook selfie masks which were released later at 2016. The study of Shoppers psychology has revealed that a regular or a beginner shopper always looks for the right pic and the right assurance. One of the earliest pioneers of Augmented reality was the last Danish toy manufacturers LEGO.

LEGO has since developed than AR Tech and released The Lego AR studio app which allows you to play with digital versions of selected Lego sets in Real world scenes.

Together Myer and eBay Australia developed the first ever VR Departmental Store.

ShelfZone is owned by Italian Tech company inVRsion have taken virtual reality to the next level. Search zone is a retail space simulator for big screen gadgets.

IKEA, the Swedish furniture Pioneer had a long term interest on new vertex flourishing on how they can draw more traffic in both physically and online in 2017 they experimented with introducing both AR and VR to their brand and the results blew our minds away.2.3 billion people visited IKEA online.

3. Video instead of picture mode:
Video instead of the picture will get into the modus operandi of e-commerce marketing. Cisco complete forecast predicts that 90% of all internet traffic will be video. The reason behind this is very simple, with video getting into the track, the consumers will be able to have a better look into the products and therefore will be able to make quick and confident buying decisions.

4. Channelizing with Amazon network :
Amazon has come up with a blast for the last few years echo, Prime day, dash button, Kindle twitch TV etc. We primarily thought this to be a product line up but hang on actually they are advertising channels that are targeted at each point of the sales funnel. If you are into e-commerce circle make sure you connect with Amazon’s amazing network ASAP.

5. Advanced filters :
It is never too late to provide better filter options to your e-commerce search panel. This can ensure the consumers or the buyers to search for the product that they want to buy in a better way. one can always think of letting others search for the best for themselves show the best way to drag visitors and buyers to your e-commerce site. Getting a lot of filter options at their reach is similar to stepping into a shopping mall seeking the product you want totally according to your own choice and convenience. Therefore it gives them a store like an experience even in those of the online e-commerce sites.

6. Machine learning and artificial intelligence or AI :
One of the most notable e-commerce technology trends is the ever-growing popularity of AI. A study by Janrain revealed that 73% of customers are fed up with their irrelevant contents machine learning gets better and stronger with passing time and prevents showing up irrelevant contents to the search page. Cleanliness is all that we seek for even for an internet consumer, it is important to see less of annoying ads and popups. It also optimizes search results so if you are into the E-Commerce sector make sure that you do not miss any chance to use machine learning to increase your chance to do a good deal this year.

AI Chatbots with 2019 voyaging for its journey the startup enthusiasts should think of providing a chatbot To The E-Commerce site the feeling that a consumer or a buyer gets with interacting with the chatbot is same as stepping into a Departmental Store and talking to the attendees about the same. Therefore if a buyer has an instant query in his mind or a doubt pops out in his mind the chatbot can help him find answers within a very limited amount of time once they are at par with all of the details regarding the products they seek it is no longer uncertain that the buyer will be confident to buy the intended product. These innovations are really shaping the future of ecommerce and can be regarded as one of the top ecommerce trends to look for in 2019.

7. Better payment methods:
With payTM and internet banking it is already easier to pay on an online mode Whichever the buy is grocery or garment, online payment mode is preferable in any point of this world as this saves a lot of time and also allows us to use mobile handy applications and internet to buy the things we want. If a customer faces a lot of problems while playing for the right pic he has just got it will leave a very negative impact on that particular buyer. Often we have to face problems while making it through the payment gateways and the page starts either breaking or reloading for several times very disturbingly. So to enhance the Shoppers experience we cannot overlook the option of providing better payment methods necessarily without hazards.

8. Mobile application preference:
Not only in India but also outside this country we have already witnessed the upsurge in the use of mobile applications of the same E-Commerce websites this is a very effective and handy way of looking for household foreign exported or other products using a smartphone Android tablet or a PC. With good network connectivity and internet speed, it is of no doubt that mobile applications for E-Commerce sites like nykaa, eBay, India, Amazon India and Flipkart India have made do shopping very easy and alluring for buyers even from the remote areas of the country. so do not forget to count this tip in.!

9.Faster shipping:
E-commerce industry analysis shows that they are feeling bigger motivation for quicker shipping options. As Google Maps have created altogether a new era in the world of Technology and location detection we can think of providing better shipping options to the buyers and visitors of the E-Commerce sites. Auto-detection off the location and Remote Sensing of available communication options can really develop a better way to deliver the purchased items into the doorsteps of the consumers are the buyers this again will create an instantly positive reaction in the minds of the Indian buyers and retailers. So while Furnishing and planning for your eCommerce startup you must take into account the gravity of being fast and also concerned about fast shipping of items.

10. More Power To Digital Marketing:

Social media Optimisation from the last few years social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and lots many to follow have created a world of a far-reaching network where just like the daily market a buyer and seller meet through different advertisements and promotional videos. Using such a platform to propagate the face and the very interest of the brand is therefore very important for a seller what else you can do for your E-Commerce site is that you can contact the different popular YouTube Facebook Twitter an Instagram account holders to make videos especially the promotional ones to create the face of your brand worth the buy. You can further enhance this Trend with Search Engine Optimisation and look for lots and lots of benefits from the same internet team UPS and network provider team UPS: this is perhaps known to all how platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay India, Shopclues, Nykaa are teaming up with the network providers pioneering the communication sector such as Vodafone, BSNL Airtel Reliance now known as Reliance jio have created alluring offers and benefits on each and every buy that a customer makes. Not only this but we see other offers such as 5 to 10% discount on using Axis Bank credit card or debit card

11.Digital wallet: Digital wallet is again similar to PayTM or phone pay wallet where you can deposit and spend money from for each and every buy you make. E-commerces are offering consumers various discounts to use their native wallets.

12. Image Search Option:

Rise of image search is also one of the top ecommerce trends to look for in 2019. Image search is a very popular trend nowadays using this technology you can at an instant find the same set of sofa that you have in your home and perhaps clicked a picture to look for something similar often we want to find the same kind of cozy bed and sofa that we may already have in our homes this is truly possible with image search with this a buyer will be able to upload a picture of the sample product and search similar product results for it.

13. Boom in Influencer Marketing:

The current trends in ecommerce market analysis show a very unique trend. Brands are ready to sidestep traditional advertising methods to invest more on influencer marketing. Market leaders like Daniel Wellington are gifting products in exchange for social shares. Instagram is remaining as a key channel for influencer marketing. Interestingly new brands will get more option as there are clearly two types of influencers in currently in the market. This marketing technique is being proved a success for generating revenues in many sectors like beauty, fashion and wellness.

All the best to you all we wish you a very successful commercial year ahead. If you want to have more update about ecommerce trends 2019, do subscribe our blog.

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