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Voice Search: The Future Of SEO Is Here!

The one thing permanent about the digital world is its dynamic nature. From social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to SEO and SMO and now Voice Search, trends have been changing regularly. And, for a professional in the industry, this only means simplifying the way you bring your product and service to the world. Undoubtedly, voice search has become the latest trend and it is here to stay. Thanks to the updates and improvements in AI, all it takes to search something nowadays is to say it out clearly into a smartphone or a computer rather than spending time typing it out on search engines. Read today’s discussion about Voice Search: The Future Of SEO Is Here!

Introduced by Google in 2011, voice search, as trendy and efficient as it may be, is still making its way among the traditional search techniques. When it was first introduced by Google, Voice search was treated as more of a novelty than something reliable that users could use to perform required searches. However, current statistics prove that 41% of adults now use voice search at least once in a day. And, this number is expected to reach 50% by 2020. As quoted by Search Engine Journal, “21% of People Are Using Voice Search Every Week “.

Top Voice Search Devices in 2019

Most of us are aware of these devices, but let’s make a list of the most popular ones that we use in 2019:

  1. Google Assistant
  2. Google Home
  3. Siri by iPhone
  4. Echo and Alexa by Amazon
  5. Cortana by Microsoft
  6. Android Phones and devices

Performance Statistics for Voice Search Devices

  1. Google Home, the winner hands down in this category, is known to have answered 95% of queries correctly.
  2. Ranking second, Amazon Echo has managed to answer 64% of search queries. Siri, with 52.3% ranks third.
  3. Apple’s Siri and Home Pod scores a whopping 99.4% in understanding queries correctly, mainly due to their noise cancellation feature.

Researchers claim that if Google can improve on its hardware and noise canceling techniques, there is a great possibility for it to emerge as the market winner as compared to its counterparts.

Voice Search: The Future Of SEO Is Here - Trends & Predictions

Local Voice Search – The Future

Voice search and local search is complementary to each other. Technology Giants such as Apple and Amazon are training consumers on how to shout their questions and search keywords to voice search devices and receive appropriate answers.

Research states that in the past couple of years, over 58% consumers have found details of local businesses using voice search options. Furthermore, Google states that the “near me” searches for businesses locally have increased substantially over recent years.

What should you do To Prepare for the Voice Search Revolution?

Now that we have established the rising need for voice search, let us look at the steps that we should take to prepare ourselves to acclimatize with the Voice Search Revolution.

Voice Search is not only just a latest trend but it is also rapidly emerging as a necessity. As players like Google and Apple are continually thriving to improve their voice search technologies, you should also fasten your seatbelts and get ready to be a part of the revolution. For more updates about search engines and digital marketing do subscribe to our blog!

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