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While bespoke websites are a niche area of the website development process with each and every function tailored and developed according to the specifications of the client; in the vast majority of cases, custom development may be wholly unnecessary. WordPress is a comprehensive and globally recognized authoring platform quickly gaining popularity as a blogging platform. Over the years though, WordPress more than a blogging platform became well-known as an open source CMS and publishing system.

Over 30% of all websites on the internet are WordPress websites and among a staggering 76% of the CMS market, WordPress is well-maintained, scalable and versatile CMS platform with the potential of powering different types of websites. From plain jane brochure design and showcasing websites to websites that are loaded with feature and rich in media, WordPress is equally useful for all business sizes.

As WordPress is the preferred platform of many, our team of experts in open source leverages the WordPress website platform to create user interfaces and user experiences with WordPress as backend. We collaborate with clients for the development of visually appealing, tailored to the optimum, will go-live quickly, seamlessly managed, SEOed and secure.

  Why choose WordPress for your website ?

A great website can be developed using WordPress as a platform depending on one’s business use case. The reasons for considering WordPress for one’s website development requirements are:

  Rich user interface and experience

Our Web development on WordPress is anything but flat. Any website that we develop on WordPress has a robust user interface along with engaging user experience. With an effective user interface design and user experience, our customers rest assured of a quality website that is professionally developed and second to none. Even more enticing is the real-time theme engine integrated into the WordPress websites that we develop enabling clients to swap on the go the look and feel of their website with any similar theme.

  Fully Responsive

Our team of expert WordPress, developers develop websites that are fully responsive across devices with all major browser support.

  Ease of Use

The ease of use and administration of WordPress websites that we have developed to date has been absolutely incredible. All of our clients do admin work on their websites on a daily basis and find the platform to be quite user-friendly which WordPress’s unique selling point is.

  Quick Marketing and Quicker Turnaround

The websites that we have developed with WordPress have had a considerably quicker turnaround time only because of the fact that WordPress is the out of the box open source CMS. The design of the templating engine of WordPress as well as the theme architecture is speed acceleration and quick go-live. Our teams are adept at churning WordPress websites in weeks or even days, which is incredible particularly when its critical time to market.

  Rich Data & Limitless content

WordPress is flexible in terms of configuring the platform for varied data types including blogs, portfolios, products, information pages, testimonials, and client lists so on and so forth. Once these sections are configured, a virtually unlimited volume of content can be stored and therefore WordPress websites are hugely scalable

  Dynamic rich authoring

WordPress is a dynamic and rich authoring tool as a result of its rich editors, images that can be dragged and dropped, galleries, tables, and numerous customization alternatives, content can be added to one’s WordPress website seamlessly. What’s more, WordPress can be integrated with Visual Composer, enabling administrators to tailor-make the look and feel of the website; entire sections can be dragged and dropped, components rearranged, dynamic new components including sliders, carousels, and maps in real-time can be added as well.


WordPress gets the support of the community of open source users which is one of the largest and therefore can be scaled seamlessly using standard or even custom plugins for a specific use case scenario.

  Search Engine Friendly

Since for any website requirement SEO is at the forefront, all of our WordPress website solutions are preconfigured by empowering our Clients with the tools for administering optimization both on-site and on-page. With URL structures that can be configured easily, dynamic XML sitemaps and modifying titles, keywords and description on the go, along with quality content, improve the ranking of a website on the search engine

  En-masse Adoption

Some of the largest websites on the internet including TechCrunch, Mashable, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Observer so on and so forth are powered by WordPress. Besides, WordPress powers websites and microsites for brands including LinkedIn, Facebook, Sony Music, Vogue, MTV, Google, and others.

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